Verhalen zonder woorden (#5 lente een klein dorpje in Roemenië)

©foto Nca.Ncu/Ioana

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5 Responses to “Verhalen zonder woorden (#5 lente een klein dorpje in Roemenië)”

  1. Francoise Vaartjes

    Buna ziva!
    Romania is a wonderful country! My daughter Mariska lives and works in Timisoara.
    We visit her regularly. We’ve also seen some other places; last time we went for a short holiday to Dubova.
    Greetings! Françoise Vaartjes.

    • admin

      Hi Françoise, many thanks for your kind message and for sharing you’re Romanian experience with us. Well we’ve never been to Timisoara. I thinks we should do it :) Does your daughter like it there? All the best!

    • hendriks

      Timisoara a wonderful place.
      I will be back in summer 2016 also to Brasov and Sibiu etc.


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